"Semakin Berisi Semakin Merunduk"

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Not only a community:
A Family Away from Home

Don't miss out on our fun!
From Sabang to Merauke, regardless of skin color, we welcome you to our family.
And, find out about our aspirations too.


To build an awesome community where everyone is empowered to both lead and serve one another, with pride, humility and a common love for Indonesia


To raise awareness of Indonesia’s vibrant culture among SUTD community

Discover the Mind-Blowing Culture
of our beloved Nusantara

Here in PADI, we make sure that each of us appreciate the tradition passed for generations.
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PADI's Online Store

Browse through our catalogue of unique goods, made and produced by our talented Craftsmen all over Indonesia.

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    Meet the people behind PADI!